Car Diagnostics

Car diagnostics service

Don’t let a fault cause you undue stress. If your engine management light comes on it's not always as drastic as some dealerships would have you believe. At AutoTec Garage, we specialise in providing reliable diagnostics for engine, ABS, Traction control, air bag and many more for an extensive range of vehicles throughout the Wishaw and Motherwell area. We will undertake a comprehensive diagnostic check and will provide you with a fully printed report for your records. Once we have determined the fault within your vehicle we will then carry out all the necessary repair work needed. 

Keeping up to date with ever changing technology

The modern family car in the last few years has anything up to 40 or more on-board computers. This is why AutoTec Garage have invested in a wide range of equipment to help keep up with this constantly changing technology. As a Bosch accredited garage, we maintain the high standards Bosch set. Along with audits every year and regular training sessions, you can be assured we are up to date on all the new technologies.
Car diagnostics

family car repair

Breaking down the jargon

At AutoTec Garage we have no problem in letting you see exactly what the diagnostic results are. We sit down with you and explain it in a way that is simple to understand, without any obligation.
If you are experiencing your car pulling to one side or vibrations while you're driving, it could mean you need your wheels realigning. Book in for your computer wheel alignment and balancing.
Wheel alignment
Have you got a warning light on your dash? For a full car diagnostics check at the closest Bosch accredited garage to Wishaw and Motherwell, call us now on 
01698 375 830
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